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1. Hello there! 👋.

Welcome on StayErk’s CyberSecurity Notes V2, now written in Emacs’ org-mode w/ org-roam 🤍.

I will try to upload daily notes of the courses I follow. I remember you that the content of this website is not related in any kind with any official course documentation, these are just some student’s (me) notes; for this reason they can be incomplete, and/or wrong in some parts. However it is in my interest to be more precise as possible so any correction is welcome.

For contact information and for suggestion check the license section or open a new issue on GitHub.

2. Useful links

Some useful links to web pages and web tools that I use often.

3. Books I’m currently reading.

I’ve realized that recently I am reading a lot more than usual, so to continue this good habit I decided to post on this page what I’m currently reading.

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