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Why I use windows?

I’ve always been using windows for a couple of good reasons. First, Windows is easy to use, you can obtain easily software for free and many programs are available for windows; second I rely on the Adobe Creative Cloud Suite on daily basis for work, so I’m stuck with Windows.

Pro & Cons


At the moment the fingerprint sensor works only on Windows 10 w/ Windows Hello


Things that I hate in Windows:

  • Windows Updates
  • Literally no customization
  • An indefinite number of bugs at every release
  • Not so snappy
  • Poor battery and temps control
  • No personal information control
  • And more…

For this reasons I’ve always wanted to switch to a Linux based operating system. I’ve cancelled my Creative Cloud subscription, so it’s the right moment to do this switch.

I understand that this pro / cons list is certainly not complete, I specified the things that really matter for me.

Which distro is the best distro?

At the moment I am undecided between the well known Arch Linux and Pop! _OS (A Ubuntu based distro provided by System76).
The second one is easy to use and to install than the first one, and comes with ready nVidia graphics drivers.
The first option is fully customizable, but more complicated to install and set-up.

Of course I know that out there there are a lot of interesting Linux Distros, like Manjaro and ArcoLinux on the Arch Linux side and Elementary Os with Linux Mint on the Debian side. Hoping that I’ll not start doing Distro Hopping.


I’ve just installed Pop! _OS on my Dell XPS 15 (9570)!

Some images

Some image of both Manjaro and Pop! _OS

Manjaro w/ KDE DM

Pop! _OS w/ GNOME DM